Help me Find Medium Writers to Follow

Super Mrs. C.
2 min readJul 19, 2022


Courtesy of Pixabay (I tried to make it smaller!)

Seriously: Help me Find Who to Follow.

This is not clickbait.

I want to find more good writers to follow. The writers I already follow reliably show up on my page, but I’ll often read a piece, or two, or three, by a new writer. Their work will be captivating, informative, well-written, and thoughtful, and it’ll have one clap. They need to be discovered! I scout who my favorite writers follow, but that takes a lot of scrolling. There are thousands of writers on Medium, but I won’t find them all. I’d like to be guided to underappreciated writers, and I need your help to find them.

A bit about me and what I like.

I’m a retired Elementary teacher who was an English Major (we’re a class unto ourselves.) I have a B.A. in English, a Master’s in Elementary Education, and a second Master’s in Language and Literacy Development. Since I miss teaching, I keep my hand in by tutoring, so I’ll read anything related to Education: Teaching, Learning, Reading and Writing, Critical Thinking, Creativity

Democratic Politics: Current Events and past Political History, Political Biographies, Policy, Elections, Contemporary Issues

Language: Language Analysis, learning new languages, Analysis of Political Language, Writing Process, and Language Reference

Reading: non-fiction, generally History, Science, and Politics, Literary Fiction, Creativity, all English-Major stuff, and the occasional Regency Romance

I also enjoy gardening, drinking loose leaf tea, holding tea parties, and, of course, writing. Although I enjoy writing humorous essays, I often write about “race,” social issues, and women’s issues.

I’m a dedicated cat lover and an indulgent cat parent; my husband and I are currently between cats, though we plan to add at least two to our family soon. My dear husband, Super Mr. C., sometimes appears in my work as “Steadfast Mister.”

Minor obsessions:

Calendars, teapots, classic cinema, musicals, fountain pens, pencils, and fonts.

I await your advice. Thank you.

Super Mrs. C.

Retired teacher. Humorous essayist about Life. Serious essayist about politics and “race.” Aspiring world saver. Cat mama. We can do better than this.