I will not say “Jewish Lives Matter,” because all lives matter.

Super Mrs. C.
4 min readNov 5, 2023
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(Please read to the end of my rant before you send the hate mail.)

Are you disturbed because I won’t say “Jewish Lives Matter?” Am I anti-Semitic, or worse? I’m making a point.

Palestinian lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Jewish lives matter.

The names and identities of people we don’t know matter.

I’m not playing a psychological game where I try to make you admit that suddenly “All Lives Matter” seems an empty evasion when you compare the lives that are special to you to everyone else’s. It makes you think, though, doesn’t it?

I’m not setting up the “Oppression Olympics,” where I form exquisitely-parsed metrics to determine who suffers/suffered most, and how, and when, and at whose hands. Jews have suffered. Palestinians have suffered. Indigenous people in the Americas have suffered from Nunavut, Canada to Tierra del Fuego. Africans suffered in the Americas, in some places in Europe, and on their own continent at their own hands, but mostly at the hands of others. Europeans painted themselves and fought one another over territories that were not marked by printed lines.

The universal we have been terrorized, and we have been the terrorists. We have committed genocides and murders; none for honorable reasons, but if we can bend history to make them seem so, then we will.

I can never condone what Hamas did, but there are few of us who don’t crave revenge when we’ve been wronged.

American cities see the results of oppression daily. Nat Turner and John Brown didn’t up and kill people one day because they were innately evil. They were reacting to evil. Nat Turner killed children in front of their parents. U.S. soldiers killed indigenous children in front of their parents. They bashed out the brains of infants. An American administration tore infants away from their mothers’ breasts, and it wasn’t that long ago. I hope that is recent history and not current events.

Enslaved blacks were humiliated and tortured for sport, and black men were burned alive for crimes which were generally in the imaginations of their killers.



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