Success has Many Fathers; Now Everybody is Joe Biden’s Daddy

Super Mrs. C.
3 min readAug 31, 2022
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Is this the way it’s supposed to work? President Joseph R. Biden was practically a pariah in his own party. Influential Democrats called him weak, made him a premature lame duck with public statements about his advanced age, damned his accomplishments with faint praise, and bemoaned that his lack of effectiveness was dooming our hopes for the midterms.

Oh, woe is us! The weakness! The sluggishness! The inflation! The Merrick Garlandness of it all!

So, if Democrats perceive their leadership as a sinking balloon, then they watch it sink. Some even stick pins in it. They rush away to be clear of the shrapnel that may pierce their own balloons. Few would-be rescuers rush in to help. The party is down, maybe gasping for breath, and they throw a blanket over it, if not a pall. Thanks for the help, folks. If you smother it, then it’ll be a miracle if it’s got enough breath left to crawl to November.

But now…

But now the fortunes of Biden and the Party are looking up, and everyone is rushing in where the angels formerly feared to tread.

Oh, the joy! The punching back! The student loan debt forgiveness! The Inflation Relief Act! The Merrick Garlandness of it all!

Again, is this the way it’s supposed to work? Aren’t your guardian angels, in the form of fellow Party members, Democratic oracles, and the informed public, supposed to rush in when you need their help?

Dewey Defeats Truman.

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

That embarrassing photo from 1948 is one of the most recognized in American culture. The November 3rd Chicago Tribune headline got it wrong, and there was some backpedaling so frantic it could have reversed the Earth’s orbit. According to Margaret Truman, the President’s daughter, check after pre-dated check poured into the campaign’s treasury, and the U.S. Post Office was not to blame for their tardiness. Success has many fathers, and Dad, belatedly, wrote checks.

Joe Biden is still the President, and against unbending Republican resistance, he’s doing his best. The Democratic…

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