“Woke” People are at it Again. They Made the Little Mermaid BLACK.

Part One

Super Mrs. C.
5 min readSep 16, 2022


“Alternative mermaid” courtesy of Dreamstime

So, this is the latest dagger piercing in the heart of the American psyche. Disney will be releasing a live-action The Little Mermaid, and Ariel is portrayed by a black actress. Those “woke” people have to mess up everything.

They canceled Dr. Seuss. (No, they didn’t.) They took the “Mr.” off Mr. Potato Head so that he can choose which bathroom to use. Now they’re aiming their politically correct, “woke,” “representational,” ammunition-free guns, at Disney. It’s just not the America I know anymore.

As usual, I’m the last person to hear of controversies, so I didn’t know about the new film or the new Ariel until September 14th. I saw a Facebook post about it which had 442,000 reactions and 32,000 comments. If I were on my usual political participation soapbox, I’d be thrilled to see that many impassioned replies. These, however, were about a movie which no one has yet seen. A movie.

After reading hundreds of reasons why The Little Mermaid can’t be black, few of which made sense; I had to say something — and be warned, I say things at length. Any quotation I include was actually written by purportedly real people. I have not invented any of them, and I have let their errors remain.

Where can I begin?

“…disrespect to change what the author Little Mermaid wrote and the character is described.”

I suppose people complained about West Side Story when the Montagues and the Capulets became the Jets and the Sharks. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton had its share of indignant naysayers who can accept invented history in films but who can’t accept documented history presented by people “the wrong color.”

I hate to be the one who has to break this to you, Virginia but the film, The Sound of Music, is not a documentary with a soundtrack. It is a romanticized version of the Von Trapp Family’s odyssey from Austria to America. The film departs from the original Broadway play. It even (get ready to grab those pearls now) omitted some of the songs and changed the order of others! Two removes from the truth. The world as I knew it has now been rocked beyond both belief and repair.



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