You’re not Voting for Joe Biden?

Super Mrs. C.
4 min readMay 31, 2024

You’re NOT Voting for Joe Biden!

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It’s true that Joseph R. Biden’s name will be at the top of the ballot in November. There are many folks out there who don’t want to vote for Joe Biden, for various reasons. He has blood on his hands for Gaza, they say. The Democratic Party always depends on black voters during Presidential Election years, but they ignore us the rest of the time and don’t do anything for us anyway. Inflation is too high. Both parties are the same, so it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m gonna teach them a lesson.

Despite his name being at the top of the ticket, you are not voting for Joe Biden. You are voting for the type of government his name represents.

You are voting because everyone should have the same rights. Since when was it right to decide who gets what rights and when they should get them?

You are voting to keep someone else’s religious views out of your life and off your body.

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